Book Review: Cannabis “A Big Sisters Guide”

When I was asked to write a review on this book, I immediately liked the title. I have three sisters and one that is actually older than me. She was fun, creative, and definitely a bit of a risk-taker. I remember the teens back in the 70’s all getting high in the park, and of course drinking and having sex. Yes, my sister and her boyfriend were one of them so the book enticed me. I always looked up to those long-haired, hippie freaks. The author of this book is a trained chemical safety engineer for hazardous waste. Her name is Anna May Meade. When we had a meeting in Boston, she immediately wanted to strangle me for saying that the majority of people that use cannabis just want to party (I guess I was digressing back to the 70s).

Anna May takes this business seriously and she wrote a serious book that actually taught me many things about using the funky flower. The author has written an excellent how-to-use cannabis book and I give her book 5 stars. The book keeps it simple and taught me much. I am growing my hair long and going to the park. Please read “Cannabis A Big Sisters’ Guide”.



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