Derek Chauvin: Guilty! We Support Good Cops, Not Bad Cops

Derek Chauvin: Guilty

On 4/20/2021, Derek Chauvin was found Guilty.

The nation celebrates and mourns simultaneously. The world saw Derek Chauvin and his actions with his knee on the neck of George Floyd ending in his death. A horrifying video and event for all of us whether black, brown, yellow, or white. Over a counterfeit $20 bill, George Floyd got himself in trouble. Did George Floyd know it was a fake bill? Did George Floyd’s actions while allegedly high on drugs create an air of danger to the police? So many questions but Derek Chauvin is clearly guilty and now we must look closely at how we treat each other. Do we need the police? Newsweed says oh yes we do! Policing is not an easy job and we need to police the police and check for mental illness, but we must move forward respecting the authority and protection of the police. Newsweed asks you to please respect the authority of the police and realize that they are there to protect all of us. Do not let the racial divide created by the loudest voices define how we treat each other and especially how we treat the people willing to protect all of us. God Bless America and George Floyd. George, you may have just brought this nation to a more peaceful place. Rest in Peace.




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