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These 3 Things are a Tropical Paradise

Tropical Bud In the movie Pineapple Express, Saul the weed...

Evangelion: The Frightening Threat of Escapism to the Youth 1997

Evangelion: An Introduction to Escapism In today’s society, the youth...

Lebanon: A Crisis in the Making for 2021

Civil war, entrenched sectarianism, widespread poverty, crippling food shortages,...

Newsweed Interviews Art Chang: Mayoral Candidate NYC 2021

Newsweed editor, Mark Nejmeh, has a phone discussion with...

Green: An Energizing and Healthy Trifecta For You (2000)

Green Crack: For some people, caffeine can just give them...

The Hashish Eater (1857): Heaven and Hell on Earth

Hashish will be, indeed, for the impressions and familiar...

Sublime Seeds

God has given us  fields for hearts some fertile, fragrant, fecund others bleak, barren,...

Trump Banned from Facebook – Newsweed Special



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