In memory of you! Merry Christmas

I remember you at a different time.  A time when waving across a mall to a familiar face was such a pleasure. I remember you when your faith was of your parents and honor was for all. I remember you when seeing a miracle was a sure thing one day, I remember you when a Hallmark Card said just the right thing to make a moment special. I remember you when a poster defined your feelings and when music could be discovered on a radio. I remember you when we shared and cared for the events in town. I remember you with great expectations and fine clothes whether new or old. I remember Cologne and bubble gum lip gloss, new skis and bus rides to snowy hills. I remember the concerts and the glassy eyes and kisses in the dark. I remember when normal could be defined by majority and hope was a standard issued by our own desire.

I remember not so long ago when disagreement was the first step towards finding a solution. I remember current events shaping, fashion, art, and music. I remember movie stars and dancing fast and slow. I remember when we were one America strong and true, sad and happy all together. I remember when we cared about each other. I remember when we were friends or in the mystery of our differences. I remember accepting change and believing the news. I remember respecting teachers for their toughness and their discipline.

I remember every Christmas feeling the same as it feels today. For some reason, it is just a special time when we all just slow down and feel something just as we do tonight. Some things do not change and thank God for that. Merry Christmas.



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