Jamaican Me Joyous, Mon – Ganja to the Rescue with Glorious Granddaddy Purple

The following article is one in a series of articles that explore the wonderful relationship between food, ganja, and music, an elixir for the mind, body, and soul. 

American culture is increasingly becoming uptight. We are consumed with our finances, social injustices, and the possibility of contracting Covid-19. We are swimming against in the unrelenting waves of worry, awash in sea of sea of anxiety, consumed with the minutia of modern life. What we need is some momentary grace, a reprieve from the onslaught of angst.  As Bob Marley said, “baby don’t worry, about thing, cause every little thing gonna be alright.” And the following combination of bud, music, and food will make sure of that.

Relax, Mon, Ganja to the Rescue 

This is a nighttime, wind-down kind of deal, so get ready to chill. First, the ganja. For this pleasant partaking, I recommend some Granddaddy Purple, aka Grand Daddy Purp, G Purps, Granddaddy Purps, GDP, Gridlock. This is a famous indica bud that is a cross of Mendo Purps, Skunk, and Afghanistan strains. It’s thick, dense buds have a pleasant aroma of grapes and skunky pine. With and average THC content of 17% and a rich presence of Myrcene, this ganja has a slightly peppery, spicy, balsam fragrance, which likely contributes to its mildly sedating, and body-centric relaxation effects.

ganja gdpHere is how one user described GDP on leafly.com: ‘To say I was stoned would be an understatement. I’m pretty sure my butt melded with the couch. I was pretty much capable of watching and re-watching trailers on On Demand. I wanted food. All the food. Thank God I was trapped by some unseen force and couldn’t get off the couch. Granddaddy Purple was slow acting, but Negasonic level badass in it’s punch.”

So, don’t make any plans to reorganize your closet, pay your bills, or start that novel you’ve been putting off for the last years of your life. Hell, for that matter, just don’t plan on doing anything that requires even a modicum of creativity and/or physicals exertion. It just ain’t gonna happen, friend.

Ganja and Marley 


Now that we have the buzz for the body, we need to feed our ears and soul. Nothing compares to listening to reggae when high on Granddaddy Purple, and who better than the Granddaddy of reggae, Bob Marley?

I highly recommend the Legend, a greatest hits compilation of the king of musical Rastafarians. As you sink into your buzz, you will be enveloped in a warm cocoon of layers of syncopated rhythms, fluid wawa guitar progressions, and the magically mellow voice of Bob Marley, transporting you to a place far, far way form your worries, floating in an ocean of contentedness. And as a bonus to your spliff- and reggae-induced euphoria, Legend Is a double album that delivers nearly an hour of listening pleasure, so you can kick back relax for a bit, or three hours, yuh dig?

ganja crunchGanja and Plantains: Chips For Da Crunch 

Of course, you are likely to get the munchies. And in keep with the island vibe, nothing beats fried plantain chips, with a light dusting of salt if possible. The soul-satisfying crunch and saltiness will make your mouth happy and the fiber, and vitamins A, C, and B6 will nourish your body, which is likely to be pleasingly sinking into a chair, couch, or bed, your choice mi bredren. That’s not to mention the cool, echoey sounds that crispy plantain chips make as you crunch on them like an unending stream of sweet and salty happiness.  Until next time, inna di morrows. Until the next installment, it’s all irie, mon.



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