Newsweed trades stocks to support the News

February 1, 2021

Newsweed Trades Stocks to Survive We pay our journalists for the truth and the deep dive to research.

Newsweed a small company out of Las Vegas, Nevada has adopted as a business model to trade stocks and bonds for the sole purpose of reporting the News. Mark Nejmeh owner of the small Wyomimg LLC has invested a large sum of his own money to hopefully support a staff of Journalists. The focus of the Newsweed platform in print and Digital is a pro and Con Newspaper on Culture, family, Economy and Marijuana.

Newsweed Trades Stocks to survive

Newsweed trades stocks

Daily Trades will be disclosed on the moves or non-moves the company makes.

Newsweed Trades Stocks from research internally

Todays purchases are as follows:

1000 BNGO @$10.53

5000 SNDL @$1.13

2000 NNDM @$14.34

2 GME @ $234.00

1000 ONTX @$.65

600 TLRY @19.40

2000 OZSC @.17

1000 HEXO @ $6.27

1000 HJLI @ $9.00

We hope to grow our portfolio so we can pay our journalists.

To become a journalist please contact us by registering as a journalist and submitting your story. We require your ID and picture

Newsweed Trades Stocks because the Newspaper must be printed

BioNano Investment

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