Slow: A Beautiful Dive Into Sugary Shoegaze from 1993

Slow: The Way Life Should Be

Life is moving faster than we can keep up with and it can be difficult to catch up. That’s why we are going to try and slow things down, even for just a little bit, with this selection. Listen closely, but do be stoned, because this trio will keep you happy for more than just the morning.

A Strain to Slow Down Time

Wedding Cake Strain

Our strain of choice is the ever popular Wedding Cake, which is designed to slow down your day as it takes you into a state of blissful relaxation. Hailing from the fusion of Triangle Kush and the incredibly powerful Animal Mints, this strain will slow your processing to that of a sugary, sweet molasses. Not only will this bud give you intense relaxation and increase happiness, but this strain will also halt your pain to a snail’s pace, allowing you to fully enjoy your high. 

This strain will increase your senses while relieving pain and stress, but don’t just take my word for it. A Leafly user writes “It’s me and my husband’s 13 year anniversary today and we wanted to get something to smoke together. This was a great choice on this special day. We smoked a gram joint while staring out at the waterfront watching boats and seagulls and jellyfish and other weird creatures that we’re still not sure we really saw. I blanked out for about a minute contemplating whether that jellyfish was really an octopus. because that’d be cool. so yeah. recommend. now we’re eating tacos.”

As you can see this amazing strain allows you to appreciate the slower and calmer moments in life.

Slow Tunes

For our album of choice, let’s take a slow dive into Slowdive’s 1993 shoegaze masterpiece, Souvlaki. I think Shoegaze is the ultimate

Souvlaki – Slowdive

stoner genre, but some of you might not know what shoegaze is so allow me to explain. Shoegaze, according to rateyourmusic, is a genre where “Guitars are typically distorted into droning or feedback drenched textures, and the group itself strives to create a ‘wall-of-sound’ atmosphere that takes a noisy, distorted approach and/or a lusher, more ‘dreamscape’ sensation.”

This unique genre allows the heaviness and richness of rock music’s distorted guitar to shine through while creating a deep and soothing soundscape. Slowdive excels at taking this creative and unique genre to it’s peaks of lushness and intensity. The album opens with the lead single, Alison, which entraps you in it’s rich and dreamy world.

The track Machine Gun features this incredible soothing drone complimented by equally dreamy and mind altering vocals. My favorite track, When The Sun Hits, is perfect for soaking up an intense and euphoric high, especially when the distortion kicks in and you get lost as time seems to slow down. The album closes on the emotionally revealing, calming and sedative Dagger, which will allow you to reflect on yourself and your current high. 

Slow Snacks


As for a snack I recommend Cherry Pull n Peel Twizzlers. With a softer texture to regular Twizzlers, and cherry flavoring as opposed to strawberry, this sugary and chewy candy will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Not only do these twisted ropes taste great, they are also incredibly fun to eat. Unlike normal Twizzlers, each of these Twizzlers is made of little individual ropes that you can peel apart and eat separately. Whether you decide to take it slow and peel each string with stoned intent or eat the whole bag in one sitting, you are sure to have an awesome time eating these.



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