Relationship Advice: A woman calling you mister?

“Dear Hannah, I’m a single guy, in my 40s and currently dating. If a woman calls a guy “Mister”, what does that mean?

– Tommy from Las Vegas”

Hello there Tommy! Thank you for writing. From a woman who prefers to call her significant other “Daddy,” I think being called “Mister” could very well mean that she admires you, and enjoys looking to you for direction. She could, like myself, really enjoy this name game, and perhaps wants to see your response. Women are notorious innovators of subtlety, so keep a keen eye out for other signs marking her interest including notions like direct eye contact, light touching during conversation, making sexual innuendos, and teasing you.  Since she is calling you this without consensus, this is a clear indication that she feels a connection to you and also readily submitting to your masculinity. “Mister” derived from earlier forms of “Master” and if she’s calling you this regularly, I am certain that she is submissive. Tommy, do you like being called “Mister” by this woman? Her choice of words sure has gotten your attention and depending on your level of comfortability with her, you could suggest being called something else, and see where that goes.  Try out calling her by a nickname like, “Miss [her name].” I was once called “Miss Hannah” by a man when I would call him “Mr. Rick.” This instigated playful communication in our relationship. I suggest that you keep an eye out for more signs of her interest and play with your own word choice to determine what she’s really intending with hers.

Hannah Langley






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