Zimmerman takes Blue Wall down at the George Floyd Trial

The Blue Wall of Silence has tumbled with the testimony of the Minneapolis Police investigator.

The police officer/investigator Richard Zimmerman testified today that Derek Chauvin did use excessive force. Zimmerman said that the use of force was excessive and wrong. “Pulling a person down to the ground and having your knee on a person’s neck, the video shows no reason to do that,” said Zimmerman.  The officers did not need to find the situation dangerous. The use of deadly force was for no reason. The officer that testified, now a Lieutenant, was once a patrol officer from 1985 to 1991. Zimmerman has been an investigative role for the Minneapolis police. A lifetime policeman has made the most damaging testimony yet against Derek Chauvin, the police officer that has been accused of the murder of George Floyd. The actions of Derek Chauvin have created a major movement in America with a call to defund the police.

Richard Zimmerman has been on the force for 30 years. No excuse for Derek Chauvin to have his knee on George Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes and 28 seconds.

The defense tried to discredit Zimmerman’s testimony saying he has no recent patrol experience.

The blue wall has become a disgrace to justice in America.

The blue wall of silence. Will it protect Derek Chauvin?
The blue wall of silence. Will it protect Derek Chauvin?


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